Manifestelle is a blog dedicated to helping women get the best and most in life. There are many things that make a woman, and the blog aims to cover the many ways we can improve how we are on the inside as well as how we present ourselves to the world. This blog focuses on the power of the individual to shape her own life no matter her past or current circumstances. Everything is relative so only you know what is best for yourself. Only you know what an improvement in quality of life is. Only you know what the best and most in life looks for you.

The blog tends to use common terms in the sphere of manifesting, but manifesting is more of a numbers game than it is magic. If you continuously make well-informed decisions over time, you are more likely to reach your goals than if you didn’t have a goal or if you make uninformed or ill-informed life decisions. It is not magic, but it works so well that we think it’s magic

Brief history: Manifestelle was derived from the French word “mademoiselle” which means “young woman.” Naturally, a blog dedicated to manifesting with a target audience of young women, was named “Manifestelle.” A pseudonym was in order to protect the creator’s privacy and “Elle” was born. Although Elle is not her real name, the stories and messages remain truthful.

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