I was having brunch with my dear friend one Sunday morning and we were discussing how our lives now are quite different from before, how we didn’t expect things to be like this, how we would like to go back to what was before. And then, I was reminded that life has seasons, and the only thing we 100% know is that seasons change.

Embrace the season you are in. Similar to how we bundle up in the winter and enjoy the holidays then shed the layers and hit the beach in the summer, we must learn the art of finding the good in whatever time of life we are in. Sure, it’s too cold outside in the winter, but we have a fireplace at home to look forward to.

Where there is discomfort, there is growth. The best lessons I learned were from really uncomfortable situations that I found myself in. In such situations, there is no other way out but up. Even if in the moment, we don’t feel like we went “up,” we still live to fight another day.

Winter is coming. Although we wish our whole lives to be peaches and cream, it is simply not feasible. We will all experience a loss, a setback, a negative life event. We don’t know when it’ll happen, just that it will. Enjoy today, but be prepared for the worst to happen. Save money, invest, be self-reliant, learn another marketable skill, stay in shape, and cultivate relationships with loved ones.

Look inwards. We like to measure things in the relative. We compare our life situations to others’ current situations. With social media magnifying the reach of extreme situations (good or bad), we are exposed to people who seemingly have way more than us. This leads us to being ungrateful and unhappy. I suggest a detox and some introspection as to what a fulfilling life looks like to you. 

It may be possible that we have achieved the pinnacle of our potential at a certain time so our world experiences a correction to remind us of how good we have it. Remember that all things change whether we like it or not. The real mystery is: How equipped are you to deal with these changes?



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