Perhaps the most outward sign of being a lady is one’s appearance. Many women believe that to dress like a lady is to wear frilly or restrictive or hyper-modest clothing. The reality is a lady dresses with respect for herself and for others while still communicating her refined style and carefree outlook in life. For a lady, the finer things in life are normal. Her clothes need not be expensive but must be of good quality and of classic lines to ensure timelessness. A lady knows that her outfits are only a preview of herself as a person, and although her fashion sense is very important, it is her character that further draws people in. 

Absolutely no visible labels on clothing. Nothing ruins an outfit faster than a brand name emblazoned on an otherwise good outfit. If you need the brand name to “elevate” your outfit, then it’s not a good one to begin with. The outfit should speak for itself, not the supposed prestige of the brand. If people want to know where you got your pieces, they can ask you.

Go neutral. I know it is a basic trend to stick to neutrals, but it is much loved for a reason. Neutral pieces are much easier to mix and match, thus giving us full utility of our wardrobes. Neutral outfits also give a sense of timelessness that is both beautiful and economical.

Embrace your figure. A lady studies her own figure and finds the best silhouettes that work on her body. Not dressing for your figure makes you look like you’re wearing borrowed clothes.

Dress for the occasion. There is nothing more uncomfortable than arriving to a gathering and finding yourself underdressed or overdressed. Although if one must choose between the two, being overdressed is preferable as it is easier to dress down an outfit than to do the opposite. Ask other women what they are wearing so you do not stand out too much. If you have done your homework in all other areas (hair, skincare, nails, fitness), you already stand out anyway. Also, the goal is to look elevated but approachable so don’t overdo it too much.

Learn to sew and iron. Having well-made clothes is just as important as having well-cared-for clothes. If something breaks or isn’t quite right, you can make the changes yourself or take it to a tailor. Learn how to steam/iron your clothes so you don’t look like you slept in them.

Modesty is underrated. Crop tops and short shorts certainly do have their place in my closet, but a good rule of thumb is to cover up the bottom if the top is revealing, and vice versa. As always, keep it classy by leading with style instead of skin.

Dress up to show respect. When one gets invited to celebrations of important life events of others, make sure you dress up appropriately. Arriving disheveled signals the event is of no importance to you and is simply an afterthought. 

Know what heel height you are most comfortable in. Visit a shoe store and try on different heel heights. Remember the measurement in millimeter (mm) so you can purchase the same height in the future. The best heel height for you is the highest possible you can comfortably walk in. The baby giraffe hobble ruins even the best of outfits. Purchase a pair of heels with your aspirational height and practice walking at home.

Keep a spare outfit in the car just in case. Remember Murphy’s Rule: If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. 

Let us put our best foot forward and dress for the life we envision for ourselves. If you want your life to be surrounded by beauty and refinement, then adopt beauty and refinement in your daily rituals. Start with yourself and the rest will follow. 

This we manifest. 


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