Charity is a key function of a society. Life deals us hands we never expected and thus didn’t prepare for. We rely on our social networks to thrive in our communities. We give, they give, we all give. Ideally, there are more who have something to give than those in need. Ideally, such circumstances are temporary with great potential for resolution. Ideally, everybody in the community participates. Ideally, giving is done from the kindness of the givers’ hearts. 

I’m not sure when this shift happened, but people in general have become less charitable. Less charitable with their time, patience, and resources. We have delegated our charity to others and even demand those we deem to have “too much” pay their “fair share.” In short, we as a collective have passed the buck to others and are reveling in our righteous indignation at demanding “charity.” Seldom do we look at ourselves and how little we give.

Many no longer have the space in their hearts for charity as theft in the form of excessive taxation has diminished what we take home to our families. Many are fatigued by exposure to negative media regarding the current state of our communities. Many are overwhelmed by just how many people need help. Many were not raised with charity as a core virtue. In short, charity is no longer part of our contemporary culture. 

So what does being charitable have to do with manifesting your dream life to get the best and most in life? It’s pretty simple: you get what you give. Life is an energy exchange. You do good, you get good. Engaging in charitable acts signals that you are moving up the hierarchy of needs and are ready for the next steps. You cannot get the best and most in life if you are still working on fulfilling your base needs. Fulfilling your base needs is survival, not living.

When you start participating in good acts such as a well-researched charity or helping your own friends and family (with carefully constructed and enforced boundaries), you are attracting good people who will add fullness to your life. These are the people who have fulfilled their own needs and are ready to give to others. They also are moving up the hierarchy of needs. It is imperative that you surround yourself with people on the same part of the path as you. 

Although participating in a non-profit organization or joining a movement seem the most appealing and has great optic rewards, I implore you to begin your charity at home. Start with your nuclear family. Is anybody in need of your time, patience, and resources? Is every person whole under your roof? Now move on to your extended family and close friends. Some people are beyond help and it may actually be of more help if you leave them  alone. Assess each situation and provide maximum value while being economical with your resources. Construct and enforce boundaries as always, but if you can make a difference without compromising yourself, then go for it. The more we are able to rely on our families, the less we have to rely on others and the government. This also results in us not having to be involved in the needs of others to such an extent that we are charity-fatigued (which is what we are now experiencing). Overall, we must make it our duty to serve and protect our own families.

Charity also enforces individualism that no other handout program can do. Although personal charity is based on giving, it is limited. If a family member or friend is constantly in need and it is due to personal issues that can be resolved (laziness, entitlement, substance addiction, poor decision-making), the giver can choose to no longer engage. Humans are social creatures and we crave each others’ approval and are responsive to shame, especially if such shame is accompanied by termination of charitable giving. In short, we are helping others help themselves. It also helps solve the entitlement issue we currently have in which certain people are indignant that they are owed something despite not being personally harmed or wronged.

It is okay if you have not yet fulfilled your basic needs. In this case, be charitable with yourself. Give yourself a good foundation so you can have more to give to others later. Refrain from demanding charity from others because forced charity is theft. Keep the focus on you and the good you can do on this earth. Trust that there are others like you in this life who are seeking to make a better world for themselves, their families, and their communities.

This we manifest.


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