As someone who grew up in modest means, I never had a ginormous closet with endless outfit choices. What I did have were staple pieces in one or two colors that I had to mix and match. This mostly resulted in more utilitarian outfits that were not in any imaginable form fashionable. Now, I am finally at peace with my personal style that I am able to share it with you.

I think it is still utilitarian as I dress for the activities I have for the day, whether it be working from home or working in the office or playing tennis/golf or weight training. I don’t like wearing obnoxious branding unless it’s unavoidable as I want to appreciate my clothes for their form and quality instead of whose name is emblazoned on it. And I stick to a neutral palette save for my signature color: variations of forest green. I also don’t buy clothes as much as I used to and this allows me to save for higher quality pieces and enjoy to the fullest what is already in my closet.

I have put together my style inspiration for this year’s spring/summer season (featured image). I have almost all of the items on here so there is no need to purchase any more clothes. These classic lines are timeless and indicative of attention to detail and quality.

Here I compiled my most favorite outfits:

I’m by no means a fashion authority but I know I feel good in these clothes and they communicate to the outside world what I am about: straightforward, utilitarian, intentional. I am still exploring the ideas of modesty although I know the word holds varying levels of meaning for each woman. I do agree that certain outfits are for certain occasions, but letting go of my crop tops completely seems like a future life stage for me rather than a present one.


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