Hello, ladies.

Many of you have read this story about a man telling a young woman looking for a provider about male-female relationships in business terms: that her youth is a depreciating asset while his income is an appreciating asset. That the depreciation of her youth (physical attractiveness, energy, etc.) is exponential (aka faster than linear). While I do not disagree with this statement, the man forgets another value women bring into relationships: her character.

For men who do not find value in a woman’s company aside from using the woman as a status symbol conferring a boost to his ego, then perhaps short-lived relationships that end when a woman ages out of her youth is his destiny. But for most men who inherently seek fulfilling relationships and want to lead a traditional role as provider and protector, good character is a must. On this page, this is the type of men we seek. But so many women find it difficult to attract these type of men.

I identified 3 main factors of male attraction as a function of a woman’s age: youth, good character, and financial solvency. Basically, as a woman ages, youth decreases, financial solvency increases, and good character remains the same (with space for growth, of course). Thanks to the successful dissemination of feminist messages during our formative years, we have adopted the idea that a woman’s financial potential is as important as physical attractiveness in the attraction of a mate. “I’m well-read, well-traveled, and am doing well financially, where did all the good men go?” The answer is: they’re not dating you.

It’s not that there is anything particularly wrong with being well-read, well-traveled and financially solvent; it’s just that men are not attracted to these things as much as they are to other things: namely, youth and good looks. Due to the harmful feminist brainwashing of modern women, as a collective, we have lost the skills and mindset of being a good wife. And this statement is not exclusive to homemaking and raising children. This also extends to performing emotional labor for men as confidantes and providing wisdom and grounding during stressful times. We no longer recognize how to take care of the male ego so as not to bruise it to the detriment of our relationships. Most modern women are so hell bent on being “equal” that we are now performing male roles in courtship and dating. The thing about relationships and partnerships in general is that it doesn’t work if there’s two of the same people with the exact same contributions. Within a partnership, duties are diversified. This is why we couple up in the first place: so we can do what the other cannot. 

Out of the three factors, the strongest drive in the attraction of males to females is youth (energy, good looks). If a woman is of great physical attractiveness, even shortcomings in other areas such as character and personal finance can be overlooked. It doesn’t matter if she’s “psycho” or in a mountain of credit card debt and shops like there’s no tomorrow. A young beautiful woman can get away with so much in relationships because she has THE value factor that a man can never provide for himself without the help of this archetype of woman: status and ego boost. But alas, a woman ages out of her youth faster than she can spend the man’s money. So now what?

Here’s where good character comes in: unlike a woman’s youth, good character can last through a woman’s last days. And what is “good” character in a woman? It is feminine behavior and mindset that allows her to attract a “good” man. It is being soft and able to recognize and heal her own traumas so she can be a stable and loving partner. It is allowing the man to exercise his masculinity so he can perform the roles she wants him around for: providing and protecting. It is practicing social etiquette and recognizing that elegance is not necessarily tied to wealth, but rather tied to abundance, discretion, and consideration for others. In short, she is a joy to be around. Such character traits are rare nowadays that it is the most stable value factor a woman can lean on when finding a good man to marry.

Financial solvency, although a good goal for women to have, does not factor in to attracting traditional men except when it is severely in the negative. And this is where most aging women get it wrong. The men you want (good-looking, good income, good-natured) are not dating women like you simply because you consider yourself of similar financial standing. If you are neither young, good looking, nor good-natured, your education, travel stories, and money will not attract men. It’s a difficult truth to accept, but such is life.

Male virility diminishes decades later than female fertility and such is why women are at a time disadvantage compared to men. It is mere hubris for our society to believe that we can overcome human biology by promoting catchy slogans and hashtag movements. 

A woman’s key to success in dating and marriage: when you are young, capitalize on your youth and physical appearance as well as good nature. It is your femininity and ability to create a home that will see you through the unfortunate and unescapable phenomenon of aging of the female body.



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