I stopped wearing foundation a while ago. My skin still isn’t perfect, but I realized that at 24, my youth is my best makeup. There is no point in hiding youthful skin under a layer of foundation. I have plenty of time to do that later. As such, skincare is a very important part of my routine. I also started letting my hair down more often instead of putting it in a bun 75% of the time. Life changer.


Nighttime bun. Before I go to bed every night, I put my hair in a top bun to allow curls/waves to form over night so I don’t have to curl my hair my with heat in the morning.

Dry shampoo. I apply dry shampoo to my roots then blow dry to get rid of the residue and to allow the dry shampoo to do its thing. I noticed that if I don’t do this, I’m left with greasy roots. 

Brush. I then brush out my curls so they become more like loose waves.


Sunscreen. I cannot stress it enough, but if there’s one thing you shouldn’t skip, it’s sunscreen. UV rays age you like nobody’s business.

Brows. I started using the Glossier boy brow instead of my Anastasia brow pot and it’s saving me so much time. It does give a messier but fluffier look that I’m kind of into right now. It’s the ultimate no makeup makeup look. 

Lips + Cheeks.  The Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Cake is my ride or die. I use it on my lips and cheeks and I’m ready for the day.

Lashes. If I have extra time, I’ll put fake lashes on (Wispies or Natural) under my lash line for a more natural look.


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