Embracing your feminine side has nothing to do with entitlement or prissiness or arrogance. It has everything to do with embracing the side of yourself that you have been conditioned to move away from to your great detriment. Being feminine allows us to attract masculine men whose character is built on being great partners and head of households. Being feminine is about using what you were blessed with to achieve what you were not given.

Dress up every day. One of my habits I would like to change is wearing active wear when not working out or being active. Even if I know I’ll be staying home for the day, I still push myself to wear something cute (that isn’t active wear) and do my hair and apply some color to my face. I do admit that it takes about half an hour to get ready in the morning, but it’s so worth it.

Learn to receive. At some point, we have misconstrued being a receiver as being weak or less than. This cannot be farther from the truth. Learning to receive is at the core of femininity because when you are feminine and graceful, people will want to bask in your presence. To allow them into your space, they in turn must give you something back. This could be in the form of material gifts or time or company. Rejecting or downplaying your ability to receive will signal to others that you yourself do not think you are worthy of good things. Remember, you have inherent worth, but others’ perception of said worth is not guaranteed.

Add beauty. There’s this saying that a man builds a house, a woman makes a home. By adding beauty to everything you touch, you add value. Even if you are making a simple meal, plate it nicely and add a garnish. Find your interior design style and slowly transform your space to make it yours. Whatever you do, make it beautiful. 

Be kind. Although I don’t think that kindness is necessarily a feminine-only character, I do think that we need a reminder to always stay kind to others. Don’t have anything nice or constructive to say? Don’t say it. Don’t seek out confrontation unless the outcome is resolution. Refrain from passing judgment unless the offense is egregious. It’s tough, I know, but life gets so light when you realize it is not your job to judge others.


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