Tea parties are one of my favorite gatherings to host because they are so simple and easy to set up. You just need tea, pastries, and some cute serveware, that’s it! Here’s a guide to setting up a tea party.

photo by @johannalynjones

Vibe. Depending on the weather, I prefer doing tea parties al fresco. You get to feel the breeze, some sunlight, hear the birds, etc. Even if it’s the daytime, you can add some candles especially if there’s bugs around. The candles should deter them from going into your food. Pick up a bouquet of flowers and divvy them up into mason jars filled with water. Don’t forget to tell your friends to wear cute outfits.

Food. A high tea party usually involves a three-tier cake stand with tea sandwiches in the bottom, scones + clotted cream + jam in the middle, and dessert on the top tier. For this party, I kept it simple and just made tea sandwiches (cucumber + dill weed cream cheese and smoked salmon + dill weed cream cheese) and bought some little desserts. My girlfriend also brought some homemade gluten-free pumpkin spice cookies.

Drink. For this party, I brewed a pot of loose leaf earl grey and put out some cream and cubed sugar. I also served orange juice in champagne glasses (virgin mimosa).

And there you have it, a chill tea party. It wasn’t a lot of work to put together at all, but we had so much fun. 


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