Bringing luxury into your home doesn’t need to cost much. I love to elevate the everyday. Why? Because life is too short to live in scarcity. When you are surrounded by signs of scarcity, it puts you in the scarcity mindset that will make it difficult for you to receive abundance. Here’s some tips for everyday luxury.

Cloth napkins vs paper napkins. Pick up a 4-pack of cloth napkins from Target or wherever you get homeware from. Paper napkins are nice and convenient, but the cloth ones just makes it feel like you are at a nice-ish restaurant. 

Nice glassware vs basic mug. I love mugs, but when I make my iced coffee, I love putting it in a clear goblet. It’s very aesthetically pleasing + I get to see what’s inside. My other favorite glassware include wine glasses for smoothies, beer steins for hot coffee, and mason jars for everything else.

Food styling. If you’re making food, take the extra time to make sure it looks good. Make sure that the garnish complements the food or is actually representative of the food, and not just something that you added on top for aesthetic. Follow some food IG accounts for ideas on how to plate your food.

Artisan cheese vs prepackaged sliced cheese. When I made the switch from pre-sliced cheese to actual cheese, it was night and day. Hit up your local Whole Foods or Ralph’s Fresh Fare for fairly priced cheese. My favorite ones to get are a good mixture of soft, medium, and hard cheeses: brie, camembert, fromager d’affinois, saint agur, smoked gouda, blueberry stilton, and parmigiano reggiano.

Wash cloths vs paper towels. I put out a basket of rolled up washcloths next to the sink in our downstairs guest bathroom. Out of everything, I get the most positive feedback from this switch. 

Chilled towels. At the old sports club I used to belong to, they had fridges filled with chilled towels scattered throughout. It’s a genius idea. So basically, they dip washcloths in ice water + essential oils, squeeze, then roll the cloth and store in the fridge. It’s a refreshing treat during or after a workout or when lounging around on a hot day.

Dress up every day. Even if I’m just wearing active wear, I try to make sure I look good. Lounging around in a robe or PJs is good for like breakfast, but after that, change into something you would want to be seen in. When you look good, you feel good, and you are more likely to be a positive person who attracts good things. 

And there you have it, 7 ways to create a home of everyday luxury. 


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