There’s something about lying on the sand for hours, mostly disconnected from the outside world. The only ones that exist on the sand are me and the people surrounding me. It’s also the epitome of summer relaxation, so why not be extra about it?

What you’ll need:


Crate/box. This will hold your food + supplies but also, when flipped, becomes a little table. 

Table cloth. (to cover the crate/box)

Throw pillows. 

Food. Make a cheese board or just bring some fruit and other snacks. Sandwiches work great also. Basically anything that doesn’t require too much prep and isn’t too messy will do. 

Drinks. Most beaches don’t allow alcohol, so juice or sparkling water will work. I use San Pellegrino because the bottle looks nice.

Tableware. Avoid bringing glass to the beach if at all possible. I used plastic stemless wine glasses.

Cloth table napkins. You can also bring paper ones, but it’s the little things, you know? 

Plastic bags. Bring some spare plastic bags for trash and for leftovers.

Good company. 


You can definitely be more extra with this by using a coffee table, an umbrella, etc.


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