This May, I’m still spending a lot of time at home so my favorite items are homebody-approved. 

Plants. I succumbed to the IG plant hoe aesthetic and made a trip to my local nursery. OC Succulents in SoCal has such a good selection + really pretty pots. Although the trip did some damage to my wallet, I came home with my new plant babies. I got a pothos, succulents, fiddle leaf tree, and a small snake plant. The man and I also DIY’ed a stand for the fiddle leaf tree to add some height and character. 

Vintage Levi’s. Although I’ve only been staying home, I’m starting to get tired of the daily leggings + sports bra combo. My vintage bootcut Levi’s that I got from Depop have been my fave lately as it goes with almost everything. Also, it gives me the 80’s mom vibes which is sometimes a mood. 

Starfish ab exercise. Because I couldn’t go to pilates these past few weeks, I’ve been really lagging on my ab game. Basically, you lie down with your back to the floor in a starfish position and then you try to make your opposite side hands and toes meet. Try to use your abs to raise your upper body and leg so they can meet in the middle. I do 3 sets of 10 reps and omg it burns. 

DIY weighted glute bridge. Since I couldn’t do a proper weighted glute bridge setup at home, I just position myself in a lying down glute bridge and use something heavy (about 5-10 lbs) to add some resistance. I do 3 sets of 20 reps. I used a dumbbell that we have at home, but you can use a water jug, or a small sack of rice, your dog, etc. 

Weekly planner. I’ve just been writing down my weekly tasks on my planner with a very flexible daily layout, but I found that it wasn’t as efficient and I kept putting off things because there were no clear deadlines. I finally decided to make a weekly planner on Canva that made more sense for me. If you want the same one, click the download button below.

Golf glove hack. I was getting tired of taking off my rings whenever I had to put on my golf gloves so I finally cut a slit on the spot where the ring sits and it’s been a total game changer. 

Side table as a coffee table. Super controversial topic, I know, but I’ve been using a regular height coffee table/ottoman when I work on the couch, and my back is not grateful. I decided to get a taller side table to use in the living room and it’s way better. Of course, I’ll take it out when we have guests over since it does look weird, but honestly, I’m not mad about it. I’m not a fan of home design that’s uncomfortable to live in.

White fluffy rug. It’s taken me so long to finally decide on what aesthetic I want to design our space with, and surprise, surprise, it’s neutrals. I’ve been slowly accumulating stuff and one of the best decisions I’ve made is getting a white fluffy rug. We have a yellow lab, and anything that is not in the cream to white color range is just a vacuuming disaster. I mean we still vacuum a lot, but we’re now less annoyed by having to look at fur everywhere. 

And these are a few of my favorite things. 


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