This month went by so fast for me. I still had to do school and lab stuff, but for some reason, my days just blended together. Anyway, here are a few things that made my days more enjoyable. 

woman in pink silk robe

Silk robe. On days when I don’t have any Zoom meetings and I just wanted to chill and not be bothered with choosing an outfit, I just wear my robe and lounge around. It also feels very luxurious and puts me in a relaxing mood while I do work.

Satin dress. One day I decided to dress up a bit to go run errands. I’ve been living in active wear for almost two months now and I just wanted to switch it up a bit. I’ve forgotten how good it made me feel to dress up and look cute even if it was just to go to the grocery store. I wore it with my Doc Martens Chelsea boots and a cute crossbody bag.

Kimchi fried rice. I’ve been making this at least once a week. When I’m low on groceries but don’t want to go shopping, this is a perfect dish because most of the ingredients are non-perishable and it’s easy to substitute one for the other. 

Ricotta + Sourdough. This simple combo has been my go-to for quick lunches. It’s such a good base for either sweet or savory tartines. 

Barefoot Moscato. I’m a sweet wine kind of gal, but I know moscato is a dessert wine and kind of embarrassing to order with dinner at nice restaurants. But I’m in my own home, so I can drink moscato with pasta as I please. I picked this one up from the store because it was $5 and they didn’t have my favorite riesling.

Cozy Coffeehouse Covers. This Spotify playlist has been playing on my Alexa for the whole month. I have almost every song memorized now. It’s a very chill and soothing playlist. My partner says it can get whiny sometimes, but I personally like the “whiny” vibe. 

Vibrating bark collar. Now that I’m home more, I am now a 24/7 witness to the incessant barking and have gotten tired of it. I knew I didn’t want to shock either of them so I found this vibrating collar from Amazon for $19.99. It works great and also has an option for sound only or vibration only or shock or any combo of these three. I only use the sound and vibration mode and it’s worked well for my pups. 

Face sunscreen. It’s sunny in SoCal year round, but I’ve been able to lay out a lot more since I’m staying home more. I use this one from Biossance and I think it does the job. It does leave a white cast so I’m leaning on getting the Supergoop sunscreen when my current one runs out.


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